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Main Image Featured Image FOLDING CAT BED

● Cozy nap pad and private cat lair in one - and
   it sets up in seconds.

● Fabric side walls create a sturdy perch for
   your cat, yet fold flat for storage.

● Cushy polyester pillow and fleece base mat
   are removable and washing machine safe.

● Easy to assemble and stow, and designed to
   perfectly stack in sets of two.

Set‐up Size: 19.25" H x 16.5" W x 16.5" D
Habits: Snooze, Climb

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With a catnap perch and a private den combined in one fun space, the Folding Cat Bed is a hit with even the pickiest felines. And there's plenty for you to love, too. The pleasantly patterned folding walls set up and take down in seconds, yet are sturdy enough to stack two cat beds on top of each other. (Second cat bed sold separately.) Soft polyester pillow and base cushion are designed for laze-all-day comfort and, better yet, are machine washable and dryer safe. All in all, the Folding Cat Bed is one hot spot you shouldn't pass up!

PDF Icon CM0277_Instructions.pdf - Assembly instructions for the Folding Cat Bed.

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