Frequently Asked Questions

How are Steel Claw Kitty City products different from other Kitty City products?
Both versions feature sturdy, lightweight plastic pipes and joints that allow all items to be connected together in multiple configurations. The Steel Claw versions utilize premium features such as heavy duty sisal ramps, heavy duty polyester play cubes, and additional scratching posts. They also have a fun new teal and dark brown color scheme.

Can I purchase any Kitty City products or parts directly from your company?
We are not selling any Kitty City products directly to our customers at this time. However we do sell to a wide variety of retailers. Click here to see retailers that sell our products online.

Do you offer any combos for sale as a complete kit?
Yes! We are currently selling the Tropical Getaway (Combo 6), Steel Claw Starter Kit (Combo 6), and Steel Claw Mega Kit (Combo 2). We also sell the
Steel Claw Castle. Click here to see all the combos you can create.

I can't find a particular Kitty City product, where is it sold?
Click here to see retailers that sell our products online.

I live outside the United States, where can I purchase Kitty City products?
We also sell our products in Mexico, Brazil, most of Europe, and portions of Asia.

I have a missing/damaged part, what can I do?
All Kitty City products have a 6 month limited manufacturer warranty. We also have a Parts Kit, Bed Replacement, and Cube & Platforms Replacement for sale.

I lost my instructions, where can I get new ones?
We offer both PDF instructions for all our items, and video instructions for many as well. Visit your product's page to find the instructions you need.

I purchased other cat furniture made by SportPet, does it connect to Kitty City?
Only Kitty City modular products can connect to each other. Our other cat furniture and accessory products are meant to be stand–alone units.

I have a very large cat, will Kitty City products be able to support him?
We recommend that you use our products with cats that are under 20 lbs.

Can multiple cats use Kitty City at the same time?
Yes! Kitty City's modular design allows you to build a structure as large as you desire to accommodate all of your cats.

How can I make my Kitty City structure more stable?
For best results, keep your Kitty City structures on carpet to reduce sliding on smoother floors. Placing the structure against a wall or corner will help prevent any teetering. When building large structures, remember to build a sturdy base before adding higher levels to prevent tipping.

How do I clean the Kitty City fabric?
We recommend you do spot cleaning using water and a mild, pet–safe soap (no bleach).

Why does the Kitty City product I purchased look different than the image on your site?
We periodically update and change our products to make them the best value to our customers. The images on our site are the most up–to–date versions of our products, which may differ from what is currently in stores.

What are the hook and loop strips on top of the Kitty City fabric used for?
The hook and loops strips are needed when connecting two Kitty City units together side by side because the adjoining pipe could not be used by both item's sleeves. Click here to see an illustration of how it works.

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