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Main Image Featured Image CAT CARRIER

● Recommended for cats up to 25 lbs.

● Patented original design: features a wide
   side-opening door that opens easily and
   cats feel comfortable walking into.

● Easy to clean. Folds down easily.

● SportPet's 20" Waterproof Bed fits inside.

● Pet bed is machine washable and dryer safe.

Carrier Carrier & Bed XL Carrier

Set‐up Size: 18.5" W x 15.3" L x 14.3" H
Habits: Travel, Snooze

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Finally a cat carrier that is designed specifically for cats. The Kitty City Cat Carrier is the last cat carrier you will ever need. The key feature is the carrier's door with a wide side-opening gate that cats feel comfortable walking into. The carrier's gate can be smoothly shut; quickly and safely keeping you and your pet safe and happy. Numerous veterinarians and reviewers have commented about the door design making life easier. "Working with a cat has become so much easier", we often hear. Less stress on the cat. Easy transport for the cat owner. Easy handling for the veterinarians. The quality of the tooling is outstanding. The body of the cat carrier is made out of an impact resistant polypropylene. The latch and door are high strength premium polycarbonate. The cat carrier easily folds down for storage. This handy portable crate can be stored nearly anywhere: closet, car, fits easily in a cabinet. A standard dog kennel or carrier takes up too much space. Our cat carrier is the best pet porter that we have seen in the market. The cat carrier also has plenty of ventilation. The ventilation slats are designed to have smooth rounded edges and are wide enough for your pet to have enough visibility to stay calm and safe. Our cat carrier is sturdy. Convenience did not come at a cost to quality or durability. Works great for large cats. Carrying handle is smooth and solid. Metal hardware pins The handle in place. Works well for small dogs. Also works great as a small animal carrier. We find that our wide carrier door works far better with small animals than a dog crate. Use our carrier as a convenient pet taxi for cats, puppies, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, even tortoises and turtles. Easy to clean. We all know accidents sometimes happen. The wide door makes clean up easy.

PDF Icon SP0212_Instructions.pdf - Folding instructions for the Cat Carrier.

We provide many different products to meet the unique characteristics
of every cat. Check out the needs this product satisfies:
Travel TRAVEL  Pets crave a place to call their own - just like we do. Of course, they depend on us to provide it. Giving your pet "a place to crash" is what you signed up for from the beginning. And not just at home but wherever you roam. Whether on your way to a weekend retreat or just a short visit with relatives, a Kitty City kennel helps you hold up your end of the bargain. Comfort ... security ... home.
Snooze SNOOZE  Cats doze off several times a day. After a leisurely day of chasing balls, jumping at shadows and staring out the window, your cat will love to catch a much needed nap on one of our unique slumber products. Keep your furry friend off your nice furniture by providing a worthy alternative. When it's time to snooze, a Kitty City bed gives even the pickiest pet a dreamy destination.