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Main Image Featured Image CAR SEAT PET CRATE

● Recommended for pets up to 25 lbs.

● Creates a cozy cove in your car or truck.

● Durable gate entry on each side plus mesh
   panel sides keep your pet in view.

● Headrest straps secure the crate in place.

● Pops open and closes flat by twisting 180°.

● Crate offers no additional protection in the event
   of an accident.

Set‐up Size: 45.25" L x 17.25" W x 18.75" H
Habits: Travel, Snooze

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Your pet may be one of the best road-trip buds you have. But your car? It's just not built around cat or canine coziness. Which is why SportPet created the Car Seat Pet Crate. It stretches straight across your vehicle's back seat to create a comfortable space just for your pet - and keep all that hair off your seats! Sturdy, locking metal gates allow access on each side of the car, framed in heavy duty plastic. Mesh side panels let fresh air in and give you a clear view of anything a crafty pet might be up to. Secures to headrests to stay in place all trip long. And best yet? When you need room for human-variety passengers in your car, it all folds up compactly and secures with a buckle in seconds.

PDF Icon CM10004_Instructions.pdf - Folding and vehicle installation instructions for the Car Seat Pet Crate.

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