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Main Image Featured Image CAT MOON POP-UP BED

● The perfect plush pad to grab a catnap.

● Easy to care for - cushion is removable and
   machine washable.

● Retractable pop-up awning shields out the sun.

● Playful cat? She'll love pawing the moon toy.

● Spacious for all sizes and ages of pets.

Set‐up Size: 17" H x 18" W x 18" D
Habits: Snooze, Play

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Have a feline friend in need of sweeter dreams? It's time you introduced her to the Kitty City Cat Moon Pop-Up Bed. Unlike common flat pet beds, the Moon Bed has a spring-up awning to create a cozy, shaded spot for your pet to curl up even on bright and shining afternoons. If you want to move or store the bed, the shade secures down with a simple loop and button. The cushion is soft and plush, and better yet, can be removed to toss right in your laundry machine. Soft hanging toy included, great when you cat wakes up well-rested and ready to play. It's so cozy and comfortable, your furry friend will be over the moon about it in no time!

We provide many different products to meet the unique characteristics
of every cat. Check out the needs this product satisfies:
Snooze SNOOZE  Cats doze off several times a day. After a leisurely day of chasing balls, jumping at shadows and staring out the window, your cat will love to catch a much needed nap on one of our unique slumber products. Keep your furry friend off your nice furniture by providing a worthy alternative. When it's time to snooze, a Kitty City bed gives even the pickiest pet a dreamy destination.
Play PLAY  Playing and hunting are closely linked activities. Cats hunt for the thrill and because hunting is an essential part of their behavior. By providing cats with toys, they are encouraged to play "predator" hunting games with their "prey" or the toy you are supplying. Hunting activities keep your cat from getting bored and helps prevent unacceptable behavior to you or your home decor.