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Main Image Featured Image STEEL CLAW PASSAGE

● Great for multiple cats.

● Easy to assemble and attaches to other
   Kitty City modular products.

● Soft, yet strong fleece for resting and playing,
   heavy duty coated fabric that is tear resistant.

● Heavy duty ABS joints hold pipes in place.

● Dangling jingle ball toys to attract your cat.

Set‐up Size: 32.125" H x 17.75" W x 35.75" D
Habits: Combine, Climb, Snooze, Play, Scratch

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If your kitty could draw, it would likely come up with plans for the Steel Claw Passage ... and a grinning self portrait beside it. This module covers so many of your cat's favorite playtime activities, exhaustion is to be expected. Be sure to install a Kitty City Steel Claw Sleeper nearby!

PDF Icon SPO0583_Instructions.pdf - Assembly instructions for the Steel Claw Passage.

We provide many different products to meet the unique characteristics
of every cat. Check out the needs this product satisfies:
Combine COMBINE  Nobody knows your cat better than you. That's why we created the imagination inspiring modular Kitty City cat furniture system - the easy-to-assemble, expandable environment you design for your cat's individual lifestyle. Cats cycle through various personalities during the average day. Whatever the caper, they will love the stimulating and comfortable urban metropolis you create especially for them. No need to ponder the possibilities - get started building the ultimate city for your kitty right now!
Climb CLIMB  Cats need a stimulating arena to play up high on. Drapes make wonderful climbers for the adventure - seeking kitty. But you'll agree that feline furniture is much more practical. Bring home some of the most original and engaging activity centers in the entire cat kingdom. Your kitty is probably eyeing up those curtains right now. Good thing you're coming home with some exciting furniture to save the day!
Snooze SNOOZE  Cats doze off several times a day. After a leisurely day of chasing balls, jumping at shadows and staring out the window, your cat will love to catch a much needed nap on one of our unique slumber products. Keep your furry friend off your nice furniture by providing a worthy alternative. When it's time to snooze, a Kitty City bed gives even the pickiest pet a dreamy destination.
Play PLAY  Playing and hunting are closely linked activities. Cats hunt for the thrill and because hunting is an essential part of their behavior. By providing cats with toys, they are encouraged to play "predator" hunting games with their "prey" or the toy you are supplying. Hunting activities keep your cat from getting bored and helps prevent unacceptable behavior to you or your home decor.
Scratch SCRATCH  A cat's desire to scratch comes as naturally as our desire to protect our stuff. Some see this as a conflict. Kitty City sees it as a challenge. The trick is to provide a better alternative to the defenseless couch cushion. Something more fun, more engaging and better at taking abuse. Our scratchers look great in a home, they take extraordinary abuse, and they support a cat's inbred desire to sharpen its "tools."